Monday, November 23, 2009

Trip to Perlis

Salam and Peace to All...

Well, getting tired of travelling
I mean for now
Still love it... And it is still at the top of my wishlist

Last weekend I went to Perlis
For holiday and to attend a wedding invitation
(Skali harung la kang.. alang2 dh sampai)
Since Kangar is quite small
We cover the whole area within a day

We went there on Friday morning
(Amik cuti la... kalo gi ofis pn xde keje kan :P)
And went back on Saturday
Of coz after our trip to Padang Besar
Bought souvenirs for myself
(Nak beli kat org lain blom berkemampuan lagi)

Well, it's nice to be there
But there's still some place I haven't been to
I'll definitely be back and conquer Perlis

P/S: Camne nak abis jalan. Asal gi Perlis je sume untuk kenduri kawin. Isk2...


There is no despair so absolute as that which comes with the first
moments of our first great sorrow,
when we have not yet known what it is to have suffered and healed,
to have despaired and have recovered hope

- George Eliot -


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What A Life...

Salam and Peace to All...

Well.. It's another boring day at work
1 week to go and I'm outta here

I got a good news this morning
My Godsister is coming to KL with Baby Ikmal
So happy... Finally can meet the lil one

Her message reminds me of the old days
She said that I'm getting bigger now
(Bigger in age k.. think positive..)
I knew her when I was in form one
When I first learn how to be independent
At that time, living away from my parents is so hard
Luckily she was there
And now, she's married and have Baby Ikmal
To think about it, a lil weird I can say
She's a mum now
(I'm an aunty... lol~)

It's been like what... 7 years of life without meeting her
Miss her so much :D
The time is moving fast... REALLY FAST
And I'm 1 month towards the number 23
(Hu~ I'm old)

I've been through a lot during this period
Meeting someone and lost someone
Gain experiences and more
And I also have been taught by life
Who's my real friend
And who's not

I really don't need those people who's being friendly with me for benefits

No Friends with Benefits!!!

Someone told me this...

"Along this line... It's time for you to know your friend.
And eliminate those you don't need...
At this time, you'll have fewer friends than you had before"

I think that's right...
When I think that someone is close to me
(maybe even thinking that he/she is my bestfriend)
That someone might probably think of me in opposite direction
Why bother... After all, it's my life to live
(getting EVIL each days... Hahahaha!!!)

And for now... The most interesting thing is...
To meet Akak and Baby Ikmal


Maybe this is how life is
Filled with unexpected changes
Some words left unspoken
Some actions left unperformed

P/S: I have lots of words left unspoken and actions left unperformed
coz I never had the courage to say say it or do it... lol~


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Balik Kampung

Salam and Peace to All...

As I wrote in last few post,
I went back to my hometown during last weekend
The targets are:

1. Makan durian dalam dusun my uncle
2. Ajar my cousin naik motor
3. Comfort myself (No place like home)
4. Meet my lil Athirah

Targets achieved!!!

Went back Friday nite
A journey at nite, starts at 10pm
We arrived at 12.30pm
(Thanx to the abandoned dog coz sambut kami as we arived)

Saturday morning... We went back to my uncle's kampung
(But not mine la)
Entered the orchard
Except for my aunt, my mum n my dad
(my aunt and my mum takut pacat... my dad??? he's being gentleman to accompany them)
The orchard was a disaster
(semak gile... jgn kata pacat, ular pn mayb ada)
Well, we went in for all the durians
Follow my uncle shoot some monkeys
And headed out of the orchard
(We done something else but let's keep it short)

We had our lunch at the famous Sate Bota restaurant
(tak ingat lak nama dia)
And finally we're back at home

That evening, my dad taught my cousin how to ride his motorcycle
(motor my dad dah sangat lama... older than me)
She's a fast learner... So the 2nd target achieved

At nite, we went to my Usu's house
(hantar all the fruits and layan pasar malam)
We meet the lil Athirah... Miss her so much
Stay a while, had our dinner and went back home

Sunday morning...
We headed back to Shah Alam
Then the weekend ended

But the most important thing is to be with my mum and dad
Whatever comfort I had from friends
Nothing can compare to the comfort my mum and dad gave to me
And I know... when I'm having problems, I'm not alone
And I don't have to be a winner to gain their attention
My mum and dad will always be there and accept me
Even when I feel like I'm a total LOSER


Not just our love life, but how we live life itself is shaped by our perspective
Change our perspective and everything changes...

- Queen of No Marriage -

(if I find someone like Lucas, 8 years age different will be nothing :P)


Monday, November 16, 2009

The Quote

Salam and Peace to All...

"Be Dead and To Rise From The Dead"

Oh, foolish people!
Why do you still thinking of the past?
Why do you still keeping the withered flower?
You can't let go of the past
And you can't move on either

It's a quote from Queen of No Marriage
Not sure if that's the meaning
But the meaning is said to be similar...

It's deep
And I sank deeply in it...
That's how much I like the saying

Just a Quote

Salam and Peace to All...

I've been running forward all my life
But when I stop and look around
I realize that I don't know what
I have been running towards all this time
In the end
My life amounts to nothing without work...

Stop for a moment and think...

P/S: the last quote "Be dead and rise from the dead" is still my fave
will tell u the meaning later...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Queen of No Marriage

Salam and Peace To All...

Well, seems like quitting is not a big deal after all
It's not that I like it
I hate the feeling of quitting
But in this case... I guess it is for the greater good
For those who hasn't know yet
I've given 1 month notice to my boss last Monday
Not that I want to, I had to...
Enuff about that...

I start to watch my DVDs again
The old one...
By old I mean bought it for quite some time
But hasn't event watch a single episode yet
There's a Taiwan series I bought earlier this year
The title:


Well... Up till now, I've watch 9 episodes already
Really love the series...
I really look up to the main lead actress
Cheryl Yan

It's not about the title...
It's the matter of their attitude, life and principal of life

Cheryl Yang as Shan Wu Shuang
(my new idol.. :P)
33 years old single career woman
Neglect the fact that she's single
Her character was so encouraging
She's clueless about daily life
Every single moment in her life is about work... and work...
She's a strong, independent and hardworking woman
Seems like everything in life are meaningful to her
She might be arrogant but she's kind
She help people without telling them
People misunderstood her but she never stand up for herself
She's like the Evil Queen
But deep down inside, she's and Angel
Really dunno how to explain
Just love her character

I wish I can be Strong like her
- making hard decisions and stick to it
I wish I can Strive like her
- all out in everything
I wish I can be more Independent like her
- do everything herself and always believe she can do it
I wish I can be Tough like her
- even when she's in pain... she never complaint
I wish I can have self-control like her
- she'll never cry in front of others... just keep it inside

I wish I can be Her
(All the good qualities)

Another thing I like from the series...
The quote

P/S: Setiap hari menunggu masa untuk pulang semata2 untuk menonton DVD. LOL~


Be Dead, And To Rise From The Dead...
(I'll give you the meaning in the next post)


Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Exciting Weekend

Salam and Peace to All...

Last weekdays suck... Really2... Suck
But I think the weekends made me feel better
Totally remove all the stress n tense

7th November 2009
Boring mornin but doesn't matter...
In the afternoon me n my sis went out to KL
Wondering around KLCC n had lunch...
Around 4.00pm, we're back home
The nite was the best part
Time to watch...
I really enjoy the show...
Then we had dinner at Naili's
Dinner at 1.30am
It's dinner.. Not our supper...
That's the end of the day
Went to sleep with all the laughter n dialogs of CTM stuck in my head


8th November 2009
Happy morning...
My head still stuck with the awesomeness of CTM
(Hu~ penyesalan sbb x amik gamba ngan Hans)
Around 11.30am, we headed to Shah Alam
By we, I mean me, my sis, her "tunangan" and her friends
We're going to...
Went to pick up my cousin at her house
Met her friends at the entrance of Taman Pertanian
And we proceed to the Skytrex Adventure starting point by bus
At first I thought I might use the chicken exit provided along the challenges
If I'm not mistaken there's around 21 or 22 challenges for Extreme Adventure
(The first time pegi dah amik the hardest challenge... Huhu...)
There are total 14 of us and 10 of us completed all challenges
We started around 1.45pm i think
And we completed all challenges around 4.30pm to 5.00pm
And I'm not the one who chickened out...
(Alhamdulillah sumenye ok)
 All of us are damn tired and starving
We leave Taman Pertanian around 5.30pm
Went for lunch... Yup... Lunch at almost 6.00pm
Then we went back... Sleep...
And the weekends end


Well... the sum of money I pay for CTM really worth it
Same goes to my RM40 for Extreme Challenge
Glad I had a chance to challenge my fear
But still... I hasn't found my limit yet
So... Next plans are...

Caving @ Gua Tempurung
(Done it before)
An Adventure to Sungai Chiling, KKB

Well... That's the weekends...
And now I'm back... to another boring weekdays
(Meniti hari2 nak menamatkan perkhidmatan di sini tanpa sebarang tugasan)
That's all... For now...


To Die Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure
- Aristotle -

(Luckily my time hasn't come yet.. coz I don't think I'm ready)


Friday, November 6, 2009

Skating VS Durian

Salam and Peace to All...

All start with the phone call from my uncle...

My sis: Eh, tadi Awe call
Me: Nape?
My sis: Awe ajak balik kampung minggu depan
Me: Nak wat pe?
My sis: Die ajak balik makan durian kat dusun. Makan durian bawah pokok
Me: Abis tu, ko nak balik x ni?
My sis: Balik arr kot. Tapi bukan ko nak gi skating ke Ahad depan?
Me: Cancel arr... Kalo ko balik takkan adik nak tinggal.
My sis: Kalo camtu balik la kot. Call Angah, tanye die. Ajak die balik skali...
Me: Kire confirm balik la nie ek...
My sis: Rasenye confirm... Xpe ke? Skating ko cane?
Me: Xpe la.. cancel la...

Huhu... So sorry Jeremy
Let's postpone our skating date
Lagipun Izzat ada paper that afternoon
And Hairie still not confirm whether he wanna come or not
Suzy and Kak Ida still hasn't replied...
So sorry la dear... Let's meet later...
We can arrange new date for skating

 Sesungguhnye penangan durian itu hebat
Especially when we can eat them in the orchard
 Can't wait to "balik kampung" next week...


Friends like starts... Not always seen.
But they are always there...
(Remember... I'm always here.)