Monday, August 31, 2009

The Independence

Salam and Peace To All...

Happy Independence Day
It's been 52 years
And yet...
Some of us still stuck
In the past... Trapped...
And not being independent

Salam Merdeka
Salam 1 Malaysia

Kemerdekaan punya maksud sendiri
Satu bagi setiap individu
Terpulang pada mereka untuk mentafsirkannya...


Sunday, August 30, 2009

The News

Salam and Peace To All...

Well, lots of news but so lil' time
(That's what I call ALASAN)

The first news
I've graduated
(OMG, so out dated news)
But I'm happy with that
So, who cares if the others don't care...
Hahaha... :D

The second news
I quit my job as retail associates
But I got a new job
Not as engineer
But it's okay
It's the experience that count

The third news
I've sent Ina away at KLIA
Glad I met you before you leave
(Glad that I met you too, Kak Naa)
Wish I'd bring along your presents

The fourth news
I got my paycheck for this month
Buy I'd spent 90% of it on new HP
(Coz my sis keep nagging about my HP)
"Kalau ada HP tapi tak boleh guna, baik tak payah ade HP"
I got the new one sis... Stop nagging

The fifth and the last
I wanna have more money
I wanna go backpacking with Kak Naa
How much money do we need to go to JAPAN???
Kak Naa... Plan the budget
We have 1 year and a half to go

Hmm... That's all.
Hope I have internet access at my new office


Take few steps forward
But look back a step as a reminder

- Anonymous -

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blog Bersawang.... (Malay Entry)

Salam and Peace to all
Well, it's a short one.
Lamenye tak menulis.
Lame jugak la x visit my own blog.
Bukan melupakan.. jauh skali nak berenti menulis.
Tapi masa terluang tu x nampak langsung.
Since start keje 9th of July ari tu.
My life is all about work and sleeping at home.
TV ke utara... My blog ke selatan...
Yang lain2 pun terbang.
Miss few chance to hang out with friends.
Nak buat camne kn...
It's all bcoz of work.
I'll be writing again soon...
Tgk la... Kalau ada kesempatan
And paling penting....
Kalau my broadband connection tak buat hal lagi...
Enjoy life...
We never know when it will ends...
Peace out~
P/S: sorry for those yg anta msg at cbox. x sempat reply.
but i've read it... btol nie...