Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Satisfaction...

Salam and Peace to All...

Well, today is a vary happy day...
You know what?
I used to wonder...
How do people get their job satisfaction?

What is job satisfaction anyway?
Big salary? Own room at the office?
Naa... I don't think so.
Coz even a normal worker mention that they achieve satisfaction in their job.
Now, I think I understand.
Or at least I understand it from my point of view
(Who cares? It is always about my point of view anyway... :P)

At first, I think that my job satisfaction would be a big salary
(I love money till that point... Some of u might know that oredi)
Now I know that job satisfaction is a LARGE scope

Remember I wrote about it in my previous2 post...
I had to do an in-house training for the staff
I thought it was a failure
(Diri sendiri pun x sure ape yang diajar tu btol ke x)
Today I received lots of compliment regarding my training
And somehow, I feel extremely good about it

I don't know if they are honest
Or just being polite to me
I don't really care
(Sejak bile plak saya kisah ngan pendapat org lain?? :P)
I think this is my first job satisfaction
Accepting my monthly salary is a routine...
Not a satisfaction anymore...

Well, today is my last day at work
I'll be on leave starting tomorrow till 1st of Feb
Will be attending my sis wedding...
Or should I say "balik jadi buruh kasar" for her wedding
Doesn't really matter isn't it?

Wish you can send a prayer for my sis and her future husband
Hope they'll be happy and stay together ever after
And hope that the function will go smoothly from beginning to the end...

Have to finish my job and go back to pack...
Enjoy Life~


Fate is never too cruel
People make the fate become cruel...


Monday, January 25, 2010

So Boring yet So Happy...

Salam and Peace to All...

It is SO BORING here in the office...
Kinda sleepy actually
Still have 2 assignment pending from the staff
So, cannot proceed with my so-called analysis
What to do?
Cannot surf the net as I like
Cannot play with FB
Cannot sleep oso...
Haish... *Sigh~

It is quite a HAPPY day here in the office
(Waa... people might think I'm crazy for feeling boring and happy at the same time)
Why am I happy???
My manager is on leave
(Fyi, he sits next to me... But there's a wall separating us la)
So, I'm kinda free to do anything
(Can draw, can sms, can do some other things la)
Next reason, today is my second last day at work
Well, not quitting again
I'm going to be on leave starting from Thursday till next Monday
Such along time
(Its for my sis wedding la)
But still, glad to be able to go home

Haha... No important point n writing la actually
Just wanna do something
It's now 10.38am and I dun have anything to do
How am I gonna survive till 6pm???

Ok la... GTG.
Trying to find some other work to do
My manager is coming back to the office tomorrow
Hope he'll bring some work for me
(Bunyi cam pekerja contoh... Bajet arr~)
Well, till I write (or type) again...


If I'm the one who hurts you
I'm glad indeed
Coz you'll never know how it's hurt
To be your secret admirer...

- Got it from a friend of mine -


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Few more days and...

Salam and Peace to All...

Well, just got back from Ipoh yesterday.
As the wedding day approches
Need to settle things and help my Mum and Dad back at home.
Ok, before I forgot.
It's my one and only big Sis wedding
So, stop wondering k.

Went back on Friday night by train
(I really dun have confidence with buses these days... maybe later ok la)
What a journey...
I have to walk through the rain all the way from the office to my apartment
Then the lift broke down
Have to climb the stairs to 16th Floor
(God, if this happen everyday, I'll be skinny)
Then the komuter was late...
Luckily I arrive in time at the Sentral
(I told you, it's a tough journey...)

Being at home... Well, nothing can compared to that
But this time, the good thing is only when I'm asleep
Hmm... I went back to help my Mum with all the "Hantaran"
(Apa ye hantaran dlm english? Malas nk pikir)
Getting the idea to do it is one thing
The glue gun sabotaging me is one more thing

Ok, end of stories.
Now my hand hurts like heaven~ :D
(Leh dpt CTS ke camnih??? TIDAK!!!)
I'm going to ask some compensation from my sis...
Really, I will... :P

Well, that's not the main point
(After so long only I mention huh?? Dun be mad)
The main point is my Sis is getting married
And after this,

She's a wife first
Then she's a daughter

instead of

She's a daughter first
And last, she's someone else fiance

You can interpret the main point from there...

P/S: At some point, it's good to have a friend or company to turn to...


There are things that we never want to let go of,
People we never want to leave behind.
But keep in mind that letting go isn't the end of the world
It's the beginning of a new life...


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Malaysian Attitude... That's including ME!!!

Salam and Peace to All...

Last nite I went out for dinner with my sister
Thanks for the food... Bloated till morning :P
After my sis send me back to the apartment
Well, as usual la..
Wait for the lift (lambat gile lift... *sigh~)

Ok2... The lift was finally arrived
Thank God
I was in the lift with an international guy
Suddenly he talked to me
Just some simple conversation

Are you a student?
No, I'm working at the square. So, are you a student
Yup, I'm a student at Saito College. You're a Malaysian
Yup, I am Malaysian
Well, I'm a Somalian. See you again...
See ya

Here's the main point
We Malaysian never had any intention to start a conversation
For girls, maybe that's acceptable
(since we have to be like "segan2" and all that rite :P)
And for guys, maybe they scared people will think diorg ni gatal... Hahaha...

But don't mind la
Living in the same apartment complex make us all neighbour
But that guy is the first friend I made since I live here
(except for my housemate la)

That's why I said Malaysian are mostly very rude
Don't get the wrong idea
We don't have to be so busybody or anything like that
But it's not gonna kill you to have a simple conversation
Simply being friendly
(tak baik berburuk sangka dgn org kan)

After the simple conversation with that guy then I realize
I meet this kind of people a lot
And I'm always the rude one

I used to meet a Korean Lady while working
She was very polite
She's waiting for her daughter to shop
I thought maybe she was bored
That's why she talk to me

But that's the point
They are all being friendly
And they are not Malaysian
Maybe Malaysian should change that attitude
If all those people can be friendly
(without bad intention)
Why can't we be like them???

That's all la...
Huargh~ Sleepy...
Can sleep at the office meh?


There's a fine line between genius and insanity
I have erased this line

- Oscar Levant -


The First Difficult Task

Salam and Peace to all...

Have to do training for the staff today
That's my first difficult task in the company
Oh, God...
If I want to teach,
I'll be a teacher already

P/S: Nervous sampai kene kuar lunch ari nie. Muahaha...


Victory is sweetest when you have known defeat...


Monday, January 18, 2010

HBH Day Out

Salam and Peace to All...

Success!!! Success!!!
We made it.
Walaupun cume 7 gemox saja yang join
I'm glad that we spend our time together
Dapat catch up and update

Sekurang2 nye now I know...
Sorang kawan ku "space monkey"
Sorang kawan ku "petani modern"
Sorang kawan ku sedang in "probation period"
Sorang kawan ku "OKB"
and etc. Hahaha...

Thanx Rumet terchenta and Ikin for coming down to kl
Memang dh lama nak jumpe korang
Thanx Miss "Space Monkey" kasi crush kat umah anda
Thanx juge kat parents anda...
Especially ur mom la for her great and delicious breakfast

Oh God, missing you guys like heaven already :D
Why not kita buat ni event bulanan?
Hahaha... A bit over kat situ
Event tahunan?
Lame sangat, tak sesuai...
Why not korang datang KL 3 bulan skali?
Hahaha... I like :P

Well, apa pun...
It's a great day... With you guys
Idop HBH

P/S: Sapa2 tak datang ari tu, next hang out korang banje ek. Tq2


Friends are like stars. Not always seen.
But they are always there...


Happy New Year... Yikes, Too Late Meh??

Salam and Peace to all...

Haven't been writing since mid December
Over 1 month already
Wow, it's already new year, 2010
Time sure goes fast...
Faster than my tortoise, Lucky & Cash

Although it's late, still wanna wish you guys,

Happy New Year 2010


Happy Birthday to all January babies... *wink2

Well, that's all...
Now I know how dangerous it is,
to use company's internet to write your blog.
Especially when they placed you beside the manager...


Some things need  a little faith to be seen...