Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy... Excited... Wee~

Salam and Peace to All...

Really in mood to write.
After all, I don't really have work to do
Everything still pending with other parties.
So, basically not my problem.
Haha... Such an irresponsible person.

Ok, this gurl is so damn excited and happy today.
And I hope the happiness continues...

The flight ticket had been confirmed.
The tour package is in the middle of discussion.
Tour funding... I think I'm almost there
(Based on the draft budget)

Korea, Here I Come!!!

I hope that my first oversea trip will be to Japan
But seems like the love for Korea getting huge
(I should say it's actually the love for Hae~ *wink2~)

I'm so happy that I'm sharing it with the world.
And guess what?
I'll be celebrating my birthday this year in Korea
Not bad for a start.
You lose some and you gain some...
I can't celebrate my birthday with my family this year
But I got to celebrate it in Korea...
See the point there.

Actually, that all I got to say
I'm off...
(Still wrapped with happiness~)

P/S: Remember that last Sunday, during ice skating session with my officemates at Sunway Pyramid, suddenly I heard a familiar sound... They are playing a familiar track... which is...
"No Other by Super Junior"
Then I skate happily and leave my friend behind when I'm supposed to hold her and prevent her from falling.
(Lucky she didn't fall... Fyuh~)


No Other

Eonjena cheo-eumui imaeum euro neoreul saranghae
georeo watdeon shiganboda nameun nari deo manha

The days left are even more than the time
when I came love you with a heart
which always felt like the first time

- Neo Gateun Saram Tto Eopseo -
- There's No One Like You -
by Super Junior


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Journey To Land Below The Wind

Salam and Peace to All...

Last entry was like thousand years ago.
Haha... It's been a long while.
Too lazy and too busy... I decided to use both as reason.
It's not that I'm free or anything rite now...
I'm just excited to share my new story
But I guess it's an old story to others...
Don't mind, Don't care...

I went for a holiday with my family last week.
To the Land Below The Wind
Actually, we didn't cover all.
Short holiday la... What do you expect. Haha...
We just wonder around KK, Sandakan and Ranau area.
See, 3 places but took us approx 4 days to cover.
The distance between places are far from each other

26th July 2010 (Monday)
Journey started.
Flight to KK. -Credit to Angah-
Air Asia Flight from LCCT in the morning. Arrive at KKIA Terminal 2 at almost 1pm
The weather... Perfect for that moment.
1st Destination is obviously for accomodation. We rent a room at Promenade Apartment in Api-Api Centre area. Overal... so-so. The service not that bad but not that good (I mentioned it's so-so already :P). We had our lunch a bit late that day and after that, we start exploring KK... Not really deep but I think it's enough. First we drive around the town... I hate the traffic. It's 3.00pm and seems like everyone is out already. Where the heck are they going. Haish... Get away from KL and found KL in KK. Sigh~
First stop, Philiphine's Market. That's what they told us the name is. But most of them there are Sabahan.. Not Philiphines. So, still can communicate. Haha... No worries. It's the first stop and we went shopping already. Spent a lot that day.
Mum n Sis while shopping... Philiphine's Market
Next stop, 1 Borneo. I was like... "I wanna go to what they call the famous 1 Borneo" and ended up "Not liking it". It's not that bad but I guess, just not the kinda place I like.
Mum n Dad in 1 Borneo. I love the background.
Later that nite, was out with Izzi. Thank for the drink. I wish I haven't had my dinner yet, then you can treat me (Isk... rugi nih). By the time I got back, everyone went to bed already. I guess we're just tired of exploring the new place and still not used to the fact that it get darker 1 hour earlier than the main land. End of day 1 (panjang nih...)

27th July 2010 (Tuesday)
2nd day in Sabah
The weather... Somehow I find it a bit cold.
We had our breakfast at a mamak stall in front of the Philiphine's Market. Standard breakfast item... Roti canai and teh tarik.
Back side of Philiphine's Market. - Credit to Angah -

With my Mum~ - Credit to Ayong -
Nice~ Journey continues to Kundasang. The view is AWESOME!!! But the road... Capable to make me speechless. We should have rented a 4WD transport. That's all I can say. Haha... Arrive in Kundasang 2 hours later and check in at D'Villa Rina Ria Lodge.
Mum n Dad at eating area of D'Villa Lodge
Simple place but again, the view is so nice. It's so cold there, I don't dare to enter the bathroom at first. Thank you water heater for keeping me away from freezing in the bathroom. We had our lunch in Ranau. Then we visit Desa Dairy Farm. I just LOVE the place (neglect the fact that to reach there, the road, again, make me speechless). I think it's the best place to keep your mind at ease and in peace. I'm so excited that I can see the peak of Mount Kinabalu from the farm.
Desa Dairy Farm - Credit to Angah -

Angah n Ayong... Love the background
Next, Kinabalu Park. Nothing much. Just wondering around the beautiful scenary and take some photos.
Kinabalu Park - Credit to Ayong -
We had dinner in front of Kinabalu Park. Early dinner at 6.30pm. Ok.. It's a fact that during the whole journey, our meal time, sleeping time and wake up time completely changed, unorganized. Later that night, other than enjoying the view and watching TV, nothing much to do. That's the end of day 2.

28th July 2010 (Wednesday)
3rd day in Sabah
The weather... OMG, feels like I'm living in an ice box.
Breakfast provided by the lodge. Western style breakfast. I think eating at such a beautiful place really makes you  full. It's like you eat both the food and the scenary (I'm a dinosour. Lol~). 1st place to visit, Poring Hot Spring. Nice place (I like the hot spring... always do). Oh, but we just soak our feet in. Not really the type that carries wet clothes while travelling (it's HEAVY!!!).
Poring Hot Spring~ - Credit to Angah -
New information for the day, Tarap is a food similar to Durian but somehow I feel that the smell stronger than Durian. Not sure if it's true or I'm just used to the smell of Durian. But it taste OK. Well, if u wanna know new place, you should start with what they eat right. Count in the fruits. After that, we're back to KK. Not really going anywhere after check in back at Promenade Apartment. I guess the raining outside made us all sleepy, let alone the tiredness from travelling. We had dinner that night at 1st beach Tanjung Aru. Seafood~ Not suppose to eat them but the temptation is just too much. Haha... Well, just think of it as a celebration of ending the journey in the Land Below the Wind. And that's how our 3rd day in KK ended.

29th July 2010 (Thursday)
Last day in KK
The weather... It's so hot... But suddenly it's raining.
Nothing much to do. We had light breakfast in our room before checking out and head to Philiphine's Market once again for final shopping. Actually some of us forgot to buy souvenir for someone. Haha.. Yup, that's me. Again, spend a lot for shopping. Oh God, I'm turning into a shopping monster this time. We had our lunch at Jesselton Point. Since we don't have enough time to visit the islands, at least we visited the jetty.
Loving the art. - Credit to Angah -
Haha... It's still early but since we dunno where else to be, we headed straight to the airport. And it's a wrong decision. OMG, so bored waiting for the time to check in, let alone for the departure. Departing from KK around 3.50pm and arrive in LCCT around 6.15pm. And the journey ends.

Wow... such a long entry rite. I write almost in details.
Maybe later someone would like to visit Sabah and they can learn from my experience.
For me, I'm lucky for having my brother-in-law's GPS
And of course for having Izzi as my virtual tour guide


Here, I rest my case.

P/S: One thing for sure, I'll be visiting Sabah again with my friend and I'll make sure I'll be back to conquer Mount Kinabalu... Fighting!!!


A journey of thousand miles start with a single step

- Anonymous -