Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Expanding The View...

Yuhoo~ I'm back.

21st September is basically the 1st day of Air Asia Free Seat promo.
As usual, I never get the best ticket
As I never get the chance to surf the page at the right time
But at least, I'm lucky this time.
I didn't get to see the super cheap RM10 tix
But I get to see lowest fare for flight tix to Macau
RM70 one way.
They even mention it...
(Lowest Fare)
If only I have friend that love travelling as much as I do
Not requesting for the bunch of it.
Just one is enough.
*Praying hard*

I'm looking forward to start travelling again
Quite hard with limited budget I have
Need to save a lot every month before I can travel
Who cares...
That's one of the reason why I'm working hard in the first place

I really would love to see other countries.
Been to 3 overseas countries before.

Korea - Seoul
Thailand - Bangkok

And I still have long list waiting to be crossed.
Some of them are

Europe Backpacking
Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh
Macau & Hong Kong
Indonesia - Bandung & Bali

When will my long list become shorter.
Wonder... Wonder...

Gonna work hard some more.
Maybe it is the right decision to start looking for part time job
Let's just go for it...

Kazu... Let's Go!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Too Much Cleaning Up To Do

Waaa... So messy la my blog :P

Haven't been writing officially for 1 year and 1 month
I almost forgot how much I love writing.
But to stabilize my life (so called life...)
I need to take a break... A very long one

Now I'm back.
Gonna start to write again.
I haven't write about my trips, my special moments...
And lots more.
Should have never made the decision to stop

Readers, read again.
Viewers, view again.

I'm Back~

**Now just need to clean up the mess in the blog**

Kazu... Hwaiting~