Monday, December 14, 2009

My Brand New Life

Salam and Peace to All

I'm one of the unlucky person
Because I'm not like other graduate
I didnt manage to get my dream job
Not even an interview from my dream company

Being lied by the stupid company
Again, I'm unlucky
And kinda stupid

Today my new life start
My third job after graduation
I'm now a Process Engineer
And part of Trancy Logistics (M) Sdn Bhd family member
Just feel lucky I get the opprtunity

The job description might not be as engineering as the post name
But I'm glad I finally get to learn something
It is a start of something new
Now I'm really in logistics field
Not only a logistic crew of TTS anymore

It is all start with a dream
And the first step

Bless me and my job
Coz it is nothing without your blessings...


Breathing new air
The same old Kazu
Now living in Sunway
With new job
But same old expectation