Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The 3rd Week

Salam and Peace to all...

Still writing about my past few weeks
Which to be specific, about my holiday
The 3rd week

I consider it started from Sunday, 7th of December
My 2nd cousin got married on 6th of December
And me and my family went for his wedding ceremony the next day
The wedding was being held at some homestay
I forgot the name

It feels good to be able to go back to Alor Star
It's been a while... Haha...
Photos from the wedding are great
But they will be added later... Sorry 'bout that
Well... Most of the days in this week, I went back to UTP
Yup... The beloved Uni (Really???)
LOL... Well, we have to work for the Theater / Play
Remeber, I wrote about it in the previous post
The one with the title "KERUSI"

I've been spending time with the others preparing for the play
Which took the whole week... Even till the last nite of the show...
Seems like I'll be writing about the play for this post
We gathered one day after Aidiladha

First meeting, 9th of December at nite
Well, the crews didn't have much to do at first
But the load of works began to appear as day passes by
The hardest part... Finding durian when it is not the season
Damn hard...
We ended up doing a mock one using coconut and papers
The "durian" was also good... It was not that bad

The show...
I can't really tell coz I've been working backstage
But we got some encouraging comments
It's been a very interesting experience
And I'm glad I didn't quit from the team
Again, the photos will be added later...


when memories are forgotten
nothing new will become a lesson

- unknown -


Sunday, December 28, 2008

The 2nd Week

Salam and Peace to all...

Well... The 2nd week of my holiday...
What about it???
Still quite interesting.
And still spending in Putrajaya.
Or to be specific, at my sis' house.

That time around, I'm not alone.
My sis' boy took his bro n sisters along.
Most of the time, I do have companies.
Since they came along,
I just have to forget the skating plan with my friend, Jeremy.
Now I really hope that I didn't cancelled the plan.
Hmmm... *Sigh*

For that week... Not so many hang out plans
Except for going to Alamanda (lots of time)
And also to The Mines
Then the best time arrived.
The best... going to Istana Budaya, of course.
On 3rd of December, we went to watch...


Raja Azura as Dewi Bencana
Huraimi Hilman as Sinbad
Ummu Najian as Titi
and other cute casts...

With only 1 adult n others are children.
The show went well.
It's shocking how a group of young talents can attract you.
And for Kak Engku
There's no doubt with her ability as a performer
She's the best...
Kak Engku... I Love You

Enough about the play
Hmm... Other interesting stuff I've been doing
Or should I say, we've been doing during the 2nd week
We play some games...
And we went around Putrajaya to take some photos
Can be considered as for memories to be kept

It's not that bad.
Still, I do enjoy the period
And that's all for now
The photos will be added later.
Got some problem with that rite now


To have the taste of victories
One have to climb the ladder of success

- unknown -


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The 1st Week

Salam... and Peace for All

The semester break started exactly
After I'm done with my final year paper
Which is... on 22nd November 2008
What I got for all the hard works...
I got to watch...

with my cousin, my sis n her boy
It's a great show
Love the musics, the dances and of course
Their acting for that nite
The only thing that went wrong that nite is...
We got bad seats, at the left island
So, there're some scenes that can't be seen clearly
And for the autograph session
It's the worst
From my point of view... Of course
It was the last nite for the show
I understand if the performers were tired
But there's no reason for not being friendly at the autograph session
Guys, at least show some mercy to your fans

Well... It's over
But I'm glad I went to the show
It was a whole new experience
It's a modern play
From the perspective of the youngsters
There're always rooms for improvement
Maybe if they wanna do it again
It will be better than this one

I guess that's all
These are some photos from the nite...


Whatever happen in life,

They always come with the price...

- Unknown -


Monday, November 24, 2008

The Comeback

Salam and Peace to all...

Wow... it's been quite a while.
Actually I've been writing quite a number of posts
But I didn't have time to upload the photos...
And all the posts ended up in the draft inbox for almost 2 months now
Well, it's now like everyone view my blog everyday rite

It's end of November
My holiday just started
I guess I'll have lot's of time writing from now on
I said... I guess... :D
Well, the plan for my holiday
The first 3 weeks will be in Putrajaya and KL
Mostly because of the plays in Istana Budaya
I've just watched Impak Maksima The Musical on 22 Nov
(I'll write about it in another post)
And I'll be watching Sinbad next week

Then, I'll be spending my time with the TTS team
Our show, KERUSI will be presented in Taman Budaya, Ipoh
It's a FREE show on 13 and 14 of December
Come... Come... Support our team

What's next???
I don't have any plan yet
It's rainy season and it's quite hard to make a plan
Well... Staying with Mum and Dad at the house is not that bad
Or maybe I should find a job
At least I can earn some money to be spend

Hmm... I'll published the other posts later
As for now, this is it
The first post after more than one month being in the dark

Special to Kak Naa...

I'll answer ur tag soon
I'll make sure I'll do it

And that's the end of it...

roti kura2 yang sedap sampai rasa sayang untuk dimakan T_T


nothing in this world is supposed to be free
even for friendship
there'll be a price to pay...

- unknown -


Friday, September 26, 2008

The Day

Salam and Peace to all...

Ramadhan is leaving us.
The month fills with thousands of good and great things
So sad...
But a happy moment awaits

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri


For the things I’ve done wrong
For my words which might hurt you
For jokes you can’t take
For advice you can’t accept.
I’m just truly sorry for all that...

With all my love,


Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Book

Salam and Peace to all...

KAMI the Movie

Will hit the cinema on the 1st day of Eid
Let's go and watch the movie
And something special...
There'll be the launch of

Buku Untuk Filem KAMI
(KAMI The Movie Book Tie-In)

The event will be:

Venue: The Annexe Gallery, Central Market
Date: 27th September 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 8.00pm to 10.00pm
Admission: FOC

The book includes the full screenplay
by Fariza Azlina Isahak
Including scenes dropped from the real film
OMG!!! Isn't that great...
The book is numbered, limited edition set
They'll not reprint the book again.
For the price of RM30
I'm pretty sure it will be sold like "goreng pisang panas"

The most important thing is...
The casts will be there
Ali... Ali... Ali...

Huhu... I wish I can attend the launching
I'm going to be DOWN and FRUSTRATED like hell
for not attending the function.

Hidup ini memang... Tapi esok masih ada...

- KAMI -


Monday, September 22, 2008

The Hang Out

Salam... and Peace for All...

Buka Puasa With Hot Housemates
Venue: Krom Luang Restaurant
Date: 19th September 2008
Time: 6.00pm - 9.00pm

It's the hot housemates again.
We always wanted to go out and break out fast together.
But seems that everyone have their own agenda.
Finally... we decided to go out on 19th September.
It's on Friday...
Well... we're using technology.
We decided via YM conference
Huhu... it's so cheap and easy.

4 cars for 12 Hot Housemates...
Seems a bit weird isn't it??
It's because Kazu going home
And so does Ikin.
So, they are left with 2 cars to go back to UTP
We're out at 6.00pm separately.
But we arrived together.
(I'm a good driver *wink*)
The foods are good, the place are quite comfortable.
But one bad thing about the restaurant.
They didn't refill the food and beverages.
We pay RM20 for the left over of someone else.
Not FAIR!!!
We're not that late.
It's just that the others are early.
But fortunately, we still got something to eat.
And that's what important.

And these are the shots for the day... :D

From the left: Sue, Put, Ikin
From the right: Adie, Deyna, Yong my Roommate

From the left: Liza, Xda, Ida

From the left: Kazu, Ieja, Ayeen, Liza, Xda

The Cold Drink and The Plates (The foods are already in our tummy)

Part of the Hot Housemates...

It's Kazu.. With Ayeen and Xda

This is Kazu... *wink*

We'll only realize their importance
when they are already gone...
Perhaps, it's some kind of lesson to be learnt

- unknown -


Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Show

Salam and Peace to All...

It's now 18th September 2008
It is also 18th Ramadhan...
We've been fasting for 18 days
Seems like it just started yesterday

Not so many stuff to do today
I'm done with my seminar
It goes quite well, but not that excellent la
Then I have a free PCS day
Thanx to Aini's group for being "Poyo"
And postponed their business meeting day
Well.. I'm not the one saying they're "Poyo"
I quoted okay... :P

And today, I and my friends went to KFC Batu Gajah to break fast
This time, without my roommate
She's busy preparing for her online quiz
At 1830 hours,
Me, Aini, Syuk and Fauzan start our journey
Using Ayong's car... Thank you :D
The place was full with UTP students
OMG... UTP students really love fast food, don't they...
And after eating and performed Maghrib prayer at the mosque
Back to UTP...

What a waste, I forgot to bring Kazu along with me
So, no picture for today... T_T

Well... what a very long intro
The main purpose for the post is to promote the show
Aaaa.... (Shout hysterically)
There'll be an interesting show in November.


They got Awal in the show
And that's what important
I really wanna go
I wonder if I had to sit for my final exams at that time
The show will be from 11th November till 22 November 2008

The info regarding the show are not fully released yet
But Angah said they're already started their training session...
With the blue gorgeous car outside of Istana Budaya
It makes my heart melt slowly...

New target:
Have to watch Impak Maksima The Musical

They're so COOL... ( pic credit to www.mmail.com)


The strange power of art is sometimes it can show
That what people have in common is more urgent
Than what differentiates them
It seems to me it's something that theatre can do
But it's rare,
It's very rare.

- John Berger -


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Hang Out

Salam... and Peace to all...

Shopping Raya With Roommate
Date: 17th September 2008
Time: The whole day
Venue: Kinta City, Greentown Mall, Ipoh Parade.

Around 13 days towards Eid Mubarak
And we already done with our shopping
The so-called annual event and this is the last one
Sobs... So sad...

Out at 0900 hours and back at 2130 hours
A very long and tiring day
I'm revealing my "baju raya"
Who cares...
After all, you're not going to see me in them

And these are the "hasil tangkapan" for today

Peace... Pic at the last stop for the day

Show at Ipoh Parade... Singing hari raya with Baju Melayu is fine. But what happen to the dancers??? Is that the new fashion for hari raya???

Arriving at UTP... Finally

And she starts to get her headache back... Wonder where the headache goes during our shopping...

Biggest catch of the day...

Zoom In... New B.U.M. Equipment Shoes

Zoom In... The "Baju Raya"


To many people spend money they haven't earned,
To buy things they don't want,
To impress people they don't like.
- Will Rogers -


The Boredom

Salam and Peace for All...

Wow... It's been quite a while.
I've always wanna update the blog
But for the past few weeks
It seems impossible to do that

However, there are still times to feel bored
What should you do when you're bored???
Let see...

Take photo of beloved ultraman shoes...

Take photo of the cute turtle bun before eating it...

Turning this...

Into This...

Or just turn my place into this :P


In order to live free and happily you must sacrifice boredom.
It is not always an easy sacrifice.

- Richard Bach -


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Love

Salam... Peace to all...

I fall in LOVE again :D

I don't know what it is tonight,
Your smile, Your eyes.
Even in the candle light,
You shine, So bright.
You are so beautiful,
More beautiful,
Than you've ever been.
I catch my breath,
And fall in love again.

I can't imagine where I'd be
Without you with me.
I need you more everyday,
More than words can say.
I want you in my life,
For all my life.
This night will never end.
You'll take my hand,
And I'll fall in love again.

And nothing short of a miracle
Could have brought you here to me.
When I'm with you,
Heaven's all I see

Caught up in every touch,
I feel the rush,
Of this moment that we're in.
Each time we kiss,
I fall in love again.
I can't resist,
I fall in love again.

I fall in LOVE again by Nick Lachey
Aku jatuh cinta sekali lagi selepas menonton Hot Shot last Saturday.
Love is...
When Hate become Like
When Like become Obsession

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Days

Salam... Peace to all...

Perkataan yang cantik ialah ALLAH
Lagu yang merdu ialah AZAN
Novel yang menarik ialah AL-QURAN
Senaman yang baik ialah SOLAT
Perjalanan yang baik ialah HAJI

Diet yang sempurna ialah PUASA
Sesaat matamu berkerdip, ingatlah ALLAH
Sedetik jantungmu berdegup, ingatlah ALLAH
Sehalus budimu ditabur, ingatlah ALLAH
Seikhlas hatimu ditaut, ingatlah ALLAH

Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak
Mohon ampun segala khilaf

and to you MALAYSIA...
Thank you for being my home
A place where I can always come back to

When you're in total control of yourself
Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Shows

Salam... Peace to All...

Ramadhan and Independence Day are just around the corner.
Independence Day is on 31st of August (as usual).
And the 1st of Ramadhan is going to be on 1st of September, InsyaAllah.

However, UTP had already organized a celebration for both event.
Maybe after considering that most of us are going back this weekend.
(Including me... that's for sure.)
And the most important thing is,
Tronoh Theatre Shop (TTS) was invited to perform sketches on both event.
The first sketch is for Ramadhan Discovery
(formerly known as Minggu Penghayatan Ramadhan).

"The Awaited"

Directed by Sultan was performed on 26th August 2008 at MPH, UTP.
The audience seems to enjoy the show.
Of course everything can't be perfect.
But all the flaws can be corrected as the times flows.

After the show "The Awaited"

The actors... Except for Banie :P

The second sketch is for the Independence Week (IW).
The closing ceremony was yesterday, 27th August 2008 at MH, UTP.
(The same day as Wafi's birthday)


"Merdekakah Kita?"

A sketch, combination ideas of Dr. Shark the other 2 creative TTS members.
Directed by Akin a.k.a.Usop who is also performing that night.
Other than having problem with lack of props
(Samurai should wear Aikido uniform, not the Taekwon-Do uniform)
Seems like MH is not a correct place to perform a sketch.
But the show was great.
If only there are more audience last night.

Candid before the show "Merdekakah Kita?"

Smiles of satisfaction

The dedicated actress, still come during her internship period... Ad

It's been a while.
I feel great getting the chance to watch TTS shows again.
Maybe I'm not a big help, but it's been fun.
There will be a show in Taman Budaya Perak in October.
Wish I can be there, at least to watch the show.

Well, guys...
"Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak"

May this Ramadhan opens its door for us.
And may it be better than last year.

The world's a theatre, the earth's a stage.
Which God and nature do with actors fill

- John Heywood -


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Book

Salam and Peace to All...

Hei guys, what's up???
Life is getting hectic.
Wondering all around the campus like I own it.
"Please come and meet me, I got some articles for you to read."
"Guys, meeting at V5 Cafe tonight k."
"Korang, bile nak buat group work nie???"

Aaaa... So many work to do.
But seems like the interest towards novels beat 'em all.
I bought a new released novel by Ramlee Awang Murshid
(He's the BEST)
with the title:

- dendam itu bara, marah itu api -

This is the final chapter of trilogy



Love it so much, the novel.
I don't know why.
But the author is really good in playing with the readers' emotions.
He really know how to attract people.

The new novel answers all questions in the previous novels.
Although there are some parts I hope can end with other ending.
As always, the author appear with his own trademark style.
A novel that challenge your mind.
Goes beyond normal views.
Just finished the novel yesterday.
Eventhough I have all other works to do.
I prefer to read it first.
(Or else I cannot do anything else)

So, all Ramlee Awang Murshid's fan out there.
This is a "MUST HAVE" novel.
Better get it now.
To those that had never read the previous novels,
Just buy all three of them. :D

The Trilogy... Released

Tagline... Marah itu api


Apabila hujan turun, melimpahlah air dari perbukitan,

aliran menujah ke baut, melekuk tanda waktu beralih,

seiring nyawa menghanyut usia, sejalan nafas selangkah ke hujung...

Awan kalau dapat dicapai... Maka saktilah hamba.

- Bagaikan Puteri, Ramlee Awang Murshid -


Monday, August 25, 2008

The Graduation

Salam... Peace to All...

The Convo Fair 2008 just passed.
Or should I say...
Another event of sweet and sour memories had ended.
Although I still think that this year's Convo Fair is a bit dull...
Nothing is wrong, it's my own point of view.

First of all... I think it is still not to late to wish,


to all that already graduates yesterday.


And to those that come all the way from their internship place.
Nice to meet you guys again.
- Sakilah -
- Izzi -
- Iman -
- Fauzan -

It is hard to please everyone.
Thus, I'm sorry to those I met.
Sorry if I didn't spent enough time with you guys.

Well... as usual.
The Convo Fair is the event where we enjoy throughtout the weekend.
And we did... :D
The hot housemates spend everynight wondering around the Convo Square.
(But not on the 2nd nite... It was raining like it's never ever gonna stop)
Pity Cik Adie... she only got to watch her "Abg Bil" for a very limited time.
Next time you should go and meet him in person la Cik Adie. Hihihi...
And last nite... we rock the nite.
(Tak minat M.Nasir la konon)
All the hot housemates sit in front of the stage ok.
Looks like everyone interested.
(Siap hafal lyrics kan guys)
Isn't it guys... ;P

But unluckily, haven't uploaded any photos yet.
(Busy2... Got so many work to do)
This is the last Convo Fair that I'll be involved as a student.
Next year, it is...

Really can't wait to settle down, and complete my studies.

The Hot Housemates in Action


The world is not respectable; it is mortal, tormented, confused, deluded forever; but it is shot through with beauty, with love, with glints of courage and laughter; and in these, the spirit blooms timidly, and struggles to the light amid the thorns.

- George Santayana -


Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Hang Out

Salam... Peace for all :D

Hang out of the Hot Housemates... LOL~
Date: 25th July 2008
Day: Friday
Venue: Kinta City, Ipoh

Huhu... So sad. We're separated this semester.
Luckily I still get the same roommate. Wee~
Or else, it's going to be a very tough final year for me.
Like people always said;
"You'll learn to appreciate someone when you lost them"

All of the housemates have been really close this semester.
We eat together, we go swimming together, we start to spend time together.

We planned a hang out.
To be specific, we wanna celebrate Ayeen's, Yong's and Shikin's birthday.

3 cars... 11 hot housemates...
We had dinner at Johnnys and the birthday gurls cut the cake...
Actually, it is a brownies. Still ok rite.
Then we have free activities...
(Just like the school trip... Hahahaha...)
2 drinks, 11 hot housemates.
(Luckily the Coffee Bean Management doesn't mind)
Watch The Dark Knight!!!
Sweet. Let put a smile on that face... :)
The craziest thing of all... Photo session in UTP
Sounds normal. But it is not if you do it at 4 in the morning.
Sleepy... sleepy...

It's a great time. I think everybody think so.
Al-Mighty, Let us be friends forever.
Keep us in Your guidance, always.
And don't ever let us go...

Spotted, Click!!!

The birthday brownie... Sweet Choc. Thanx Secret Recipe

Sang Putri; Official Photographer

1st Birthday Gurl: Hot Stuff Roommate, Yong

2nd Birthday Gurl: Fido Dido, Shikin

3rd Birthday Gurl: Cik used to be Mok, Ayeen

Soldiers, Line Up...

From Left: Liza, Yong, Kazu, Deyna, Ieja Xda, Sue, Adie, Shikin, Ayeen, Put

Smile... Bloated Housemates

We're not waiting for our turn to put on the clothes... We're just borrowing the mirror :P

Measure the height... I'm not the shortest ok.

Love you guys, hot bousemates...


Friendships are different from all other relationships. Unlike acquaintanceship, friendship is based on love. Unlike lovers and married couples, it is free of jealousy. Unlike children and parents, it knows neither criticism nor resentment. Friendship has no status in law. Business partnerships are based on a contract. So is marriage. Parents are bound by the law. But friendships are freely entered into, freely given, freely exercised.

- Stephen Ambrose -