Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Engagement...

Salam n Peace to All...

My sis' engagement was a past event.
Glad that everything went smoothly.
Engagement between my sis, Atifah n his now "tunang", Faizal a.k.a. Angah
It was on 25th January 2009


Photos... Next time... My blog went crazy :P

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Final Semester...

Salam and Peace to all...

People always say that life is short...
Who know's how long their life will be.
But if you say that time passes by at high speed.
I will agree to it without a doubt.

It's already my final semester in UTP.
Hope everything will be excellent this semester.
So that I can complete my degree and get a job.

I'm going to miss the my student life.
By missing it, I mean A LOT.
Being apart from my family at the age of 13.
My student life is a huge part of me.
At least for now... Or maybe, forever.

2ndary School was the best.
Matriculation was great.
And UTP... It's good.
Not that bad but I'm just like a different person here.
Not being able to be the real me.
Not being able to do what I love.
That changed me... A LOT.
And the changes also mean a lot to me.
Maybe I'm growing up... more mature
I guess... Haha...

Back to the title...
It's my final semester in UTP ( InsyaAllah )
I only have 3 classes this semester.
Which mean I only have 3 final paper.
Good one... I can concentrate on my FYP.
Aaa... my FYP... ~Down~

And another good thing is...
I don't have any classes on Wednesday and Friday.
I can spend one day ( I prefer Wednesday ) in lab.
Of course for my FYP la...
And I can spend 1 day for my music class.
Dreams come true. Alhamdulillah...

Another challenge for me this semester.
I'm going to start applying for jobs.
Just to try my luck.
Of course I'm hoping to work for PETRONAS.
But at least I have to prepare some back up plan.
( Kak Naa... nak keje tempat Kak Naa... )

Well, that's all for now.
Let us see what is going to happen this semester.
Hoping for the good ones.
I'm going back for CNY holiday today.
Wish for a nice holiday then



Just be yourself...
That is the best person you can be.

- anonymous -

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The 4th n 5th Week and The Rest

Salam and Peace to All...

Haha.. Obviously... I'm lagging behind and I'm lazy...

My 4th week passed by without any interesting activites.

Except if I can consider going around Ipoh to take the banner down.

Of course not lah...

Well, as usual. Start the new week with Sunday.

First day of the 5th week...

Sunday, 21st of December

I'm 22... and I'm happy about it.

I'm big enough la... That's why.

Just like others said... "Boleh kawin dah nie..."

In ur dreams... :P


Thanx for all the warm wishes

Better late than never

Thanx also for the presents I received

I want sumthin new this year k... :P

What else happened??? Hmm...

I went to KL... 2 days at Aunt Ina's house n the rest at Ayong's

The activites...

Me and my cousins hang out with our new Sis-In-Law, Kak Shanu

We went to One Utama

And a few minutes later, joined by Abg Tam

(Pengantin Baru -- Cannot be separated)

On 27th of December,

Me, my sis n his boy joined a Mega TT trip to...


with the...


Great experience... Love to convoy...

Other than that, I just stay at home...

All alone while my sis went to work

The rest of my holiday starting from New Year...

Opss... Lupa lak




The days was spent in Ipoh with my Mum n Dad.

Tidying the house... Shopping... The usual activities

Actually... everything was done as the preparation to my sis' engagement

Well... That's the last holiday

By "The last"... I mean...

Well, I'm graduating soon (hopefully)

We all are... rite guys...

This is the last holiday I'm going to spend as a student.

Exclude the holiday if I'm going to do my master... :D

Hope I'll have excellent day ahead of me...

That's it for now...


Life is what u want it to be

And what u made it to be

- unknown -