Monday, November 24, 2008

The Comeback

Salam and Peace to all...

Wow... it's been quite a while.
Actually I've been writing quite a number of posts
But I didn't have time to upload the photos...
And all the posts ended up in the draft inbox for almost 2 months now
Well, it's now like everyone view my blog everyday rite

It's end of November
My holiday just started
I guess I'll have lot's of time writing from now on
I said... I guess... :D
Well, the plan for my holiday
The first 3 weeks will be in Putrajaya and KL
Mostly because of the plays in Istana Budaya
I've just watched Impak Maksima The Musical on 22 Nov
(I'll write about it in another post)
And I'll be watching Sinbad next week

Then, I'll be spending my time with the TTS team
Our show, KERUSI will be presented in Taman Budaya, Ipoh
It's a FREE show on 13 and 14 of December
Come... Come... Support our team

What's next???
I don't have any plan yet
It's rainy season and it's quite hard to make a plan
Well... Staying with Mum and Dad at the house is not that bad
Or maybe I should find a job
At least I can earn some money to be spend

Hmm... I'll published the other posts later
As for now, this is it
The first post after more than one month being in the dark

Special to Kak Naa...

I'll answer ur tag soon
I'll make sure I'll do it

And that's the end of it...

roti kura2 yang sedap sampai rasa sayang untuk dimakan T_T


nothing in this world is supposed to be free
even for friendship
there'll be a price to pay...

- unknown -