Friday, September 26, 2008

The Day

Salam and Peace to all...

Ramadhan is leaving us.
The month fills with thousands of good and great things
So sad...
But a happy moment awaits

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri


For the things I’ve done wrong
For my words which might hurt you
For jokes you can’t take
For advice you can’t accept.
I’m just truly sorry for all that...

With all my love,


Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Book

Salam and Peace to all...

KAMI the Movie

Will hit the cinema on the 1st day of Eid
Let's go and watch the movie
And something special...
There'll be the launch of

Buku Untuk Filem KAMI
(KAMI The Movie Book Tie-In)

The event will be:

Venue: The Annexe Gallery, Central Market
Date: 27th September 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 8.00pm to 10.00pm
Admission: FOC

The book includes the full screenplay
by Fariza Azlina Isahak
Including scenes dropped from the real film
OMG!!! Isn't that great...
The book is numbered, limited edition set
They'll not reprint the book again.
For the price of RM30
I'm pretty sure it will be sold like "goreng pisang panas"

The most important thing is...
The casts will be there
Ali... Ali... Ali...

Huhu... I wish I can attend the launching
I'm going to be DOWN and FRUSTRATED like hell
for not attending the function.

Hidup ini memang... Tapi esok masih ada...

- KAMI -


Monday, September 22, 2008

The Hang Out

Salam... and Peace for All...

Buka Puasa With Hot Housemates
Venue: Krom Luang Restaurant
Date: 19th September 2008
Time: 6.00pm - 9.00pm

It's the hot housemates again.
We always wanted to go out and break out fast together.
But seems that everyone have their own agenda.
Finally... we decided to go out on 19th September.
It's on Friday...
Well... we're using technology.
We decided via YM conference
Huhu... it's so cheap and easy.

4 cars for 12 Hot Housemates...
Seems a bit weird isn't it??
It's because Kazu going home
And so does Ikin.
So, they are left with 2 cars to go back to UTP
We're out at 6.00pm separately.
But we arrived together.
(I'm a good driver *wink*)
The foods are good, the place are quite comfortable.
But one bad thing about the restaurant.
They didn't refill the food and beverages.
We pay RM20 for the left over of someone else.
Not FAIR!!!
We're not that late.
It's just that the others are early.
But fortunately, we still got something to eat.
And that's what important.

And these are the shots for the day... :D

From the left: Sue, Put, Ikin
From the right: Adie, Deyna, Yong my Roommate

From the left: Liza, Xda, Ida

From the left: Kazu, Ieja, Ayeen, Liza, Xda

The Cold Drink and The Plates (The foods are already in our tummy)

Part of the Hot Housemates...

It's Kazu.. With Ayeen and Xda

This is Kazu... *wink*

We'll only realize their importance
when they are already gone...
Perhaps, it's some kind of lesson to be learnt

- unknown -


Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Show

Salam and Peace to All...

It's now 18th September 2008
It is also 18th Ramadhan...
We've been fasting for 18 days
Seems like it just started yesterday

Not so many stuff to do today
I'm done with my seminar
It goes quite well, but not that excellent la
Then I have a free PCS day
Thanx to Aini's group for being "Poyo"
And postponed their business meeting day
Well.. I'm not the one saying they're "Poyo"
I quoted okay... :P

And today, I and my friends went to KFC Batu Gajah to break fast
This time, without my roommate
She's busy preparing for her online quiz
At 1830 hours,
Me, Aini, Syuk and Fauzan start our journey
Using Ayong's car... Thank you :D
The place was full with UTP students
OMG... UTP students really love fast food, don't they...
And after eating and performed Maghrib prayer at the mosque
Back to UTP...

What a waste, I forgot to bring Kazu along with me
So, no picture for today... T_T

Well... what a very long intro
The main purpose for the post is to promote the show
Aaaa.... (Shout hysterically)
There'll be an interesting show in November.


They got Awal in the show
And that's what important
I really wanna go
I wonder if I had to sit for my final exams at that time
The show will be from 11th November till 22 November 2008

The info regarding the show are not fully released yet
But Angah said they're already started their training session...
With the blue gorgeous car outside of Istana Budaya
It makes my heart melt slowly...

New target:
Have to watch Impak Maksima The Musical

They're so COOL... ( pic credit to


The strange power of art is sometimes it can show
That what people have in common is more urgent
Than what differentiates them
It seems to me it's something that theatre can do
But it's rare,
It's very rare.

- John Berger -


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Hang Out

Salam... and Peace to all...

Shopping Raya With Roommate
Date: 17th September 2008
Time: The whole day
Venue: Kinta City, Greentown Mall, Ipoh Parade.

Around 13 days towards Eid Mubarak
And we already done with our shopping
The so-called annual event and this is the last one
Sobs... So sad...

Out at 0900 hours and back at 2130 hours
A very long and tiring day
I'm revealing my "baju raya"
Who cares...
After all, you're not going to see me in them

And these are the "hasil tangkapan" for today

Peace... Pic at the last stop for the day

Show at Ipoh Parade... Singing hari raya with Baju Melayu is fine. But what happen to the dancers??? Is that the new fashion for hari raya???

Arriving at UTP... Finally

And she starts to get her headache back... Wonder where the headache goes during our shopping...

Biggest catch of the day...

Zoom In... New B.U.M. Equipment Shoes

Zoom In... The "Baju Raya"


To many people spend money they haven't earned,
To buy things they don't want,
To impress people they don't like.
- Will Rogers -


The Boredom

Salam and Peace for All...

Wow... It's been quite a while.
I've always wanna update the blog
But for the past few weeks
It seems impossible to do that

However, there are still times to feel bored
What should you do when you're bored???
Let see...

Take photo of beloved ultraman shoes...

Take photo of the cute turtle bun before eating it...

Turning this...

Into This...

Or just turn my place into this :P


In order to live free and happily you must sacrifice boredom.
It is not always an easy sacrifice.

- Richard Bach -


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Love

Salam... Peace to all...

I fall in LOVE again :D

I don't know what it is tonight,
Your smile, Your eyes.
Even in the candle light,
You shine, So bright.
You are so beautiful,
More beautiful,
Than you've ever been.
I catch my breath,
And fall in love again.

I can't imagine where I'd be
Without you with me.
I need you more everyday,
More than words can say.
I want you in my life,
For all my life.
This night will never end.
You'll take my hand,
And I'll fall in love again.

And nothing short of a miracle
Could have brought you here to me.
When I'm with you,
Heaven's all I see

Caught up in every touch,
I feel the rush,
Of this moment that we're in.
Each time we kiss,
I fall in love again.
I can't resist,
I fall in love again.

I fall in LOVE again by Nick Lachey
Aku jatuh cinta sekali lagi selepas menonton Hot Shot last Saturday.
Love is...
When Hate become Like
When Like become Obsession

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Days

Salam... Peace to all...

Perkataan yang cantik ialah ALLAH
Lagu yang merdu ialah AZAN
Novel yang menarik ialah AL-QURAN
Senaman yang baik ialah SOLAT
Perjalanan yang baik ialah HAJI

Diet yang sempurna ialah PUASA
Sesaat matamu berkerdip, ingatlah ALLAH
Sedetik jantungmu berdegup, ingatlah ALLAH
Sehalus budimu ditabur, ingatlah ALLAH
Seikhlas hatimu ditaut, ingatlah ALLAH

Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak
Mohon ampun segala khilaf

and to you MALAYSIA...
Thank you for being my home
A place where I can always come back to

When you're in total control of yourself
Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul