Monday, May 25, 2009

The Ordinary Day...

Salam and Peace To All...

Oh God, I'm damn bored
I guess this is one thing that bad about ending ur student life
Before you get a job
You don't have anything to do
But to wait

I do have plans though
But not for now

I can't even think of what to do today

Sleep... Done that
SMSing... Done that
Read some books... 3 pages counted ;P
Facebooking... In the middle of it
Blogging... In the middle of it
Eating... Been doing that all day

Aaa... So bored
Maybe I should go for another movie catch
Seen Night At The Museum 2 yesterday
Love it... 5 stars ranking maybe

But finally... I choose to write craps in here...
A post without content...

photo by Sang Kelana

There isn't a person anywhere
who isn't capable of doing
more than he thinks he can...
- Henry Ford -


The End... For Now

Salam and peace to all...

I had my final paper...
The real final paper yesterday morning
On 25th of May 2009
I am unofficially graduate and jobless
(Just like what the others said)

Well... The feelings aren't that bad
Except for the part of leaving my friends
But it's not like I'm not going to see them again after this

One thing for sure...
I'm unofficially graduated
That means...

Mission Accomplished!!!
Haha... Happy with that
I remember few years back
I learn this from a friend


But his mission was not accomplished though
But I'm happy for you bro

Kak Naa... We made it!!!
I mean you already made it
And now I made it too
Are you proud?
I know it's not something to be proud of... Really
But I'm proud anyway
At least for myself

What's my next step?
Definitely not furthering my studies
Need to get some money first if I wanna do that
So, it's definitely working
My God, I'm jobless now

Maybe I should think about it later
(Next week maybe... :D)
For now, I just wanna enjoy the moment

Happy Graduating!!!
Class of 2009

Meche Students - Class of 2009


There are 2 ways of spreading light:
To be the candle
The mirror that reflects it

- Edith Wharton -


Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Show - Jebat n Tok Janggut

Salam and Peace to all...

The preview for Festival Teater Perak 2009 has ended
The 2 days show was quite a success...
More than 150 audiences come and enjoy the show

And TTS receive few comments from them
Some are good and some... to be improved
But we're glad for all the inputs from the audience

I don't have any photos from the show
But you guys can view some of them from TTS blog
And I also don't have any specific comment about the shows
Just hope both shows will succeed in the festival..

Good Luck guys
I'll be supporting
Always, All ways...


always all ways,
I wanted us to be
always all ways,
you and me

- Always All Ways by Lost Prophet -


The Holiday...

Salam and Peace to All...

The family vacation, 1st May-2nd May
A Famosa Resort, Ayer Keroh, Malacca

You should think thousands time if you wanna have ur holiday there...
Hahaha... (Pity me)
It can be considered almost failure vacation
Why is that??

The services... Tutt... (The worst)

We have to wait for 2 hours just to get the apartment's key
Hello... Do it manually if the server down.
Be prepared...
If other hotels can do it why can't you do it???
The apartment... Nice
But don't you have housekeeping for God sake
(sian kami jalan2 dalam umah dgn kaki yang itam)

Enuff of that
(Sakit hati sebenarnye)
Luckily we enjoyed the holiday...
Our way...
Just like what Angah said...
"It's not about the place you went to
It's about the people you spent ur time with..."

And it's damn correct..

Let's go for another holiday
The next destination is...
PENANG listed in the list
The beaches... :D
Let's go there...


That fire you ignited
Good, Bad and undecided
Burns when I stand beside it
Your light is ultraviolet

- Ultraviolet by Stiff Dylans -