Friday, April 9, 2010

A Quick One

Salam and Peace to All...

Haha... It's 10th April 2010
It's a date with many important events in my life
I'm currently doing my final revision for tomorrow's exam
Don't really have high expectation there
I'll try my best for the sake of my parents

Ok... First event...
After all the consideration
This is the most important event coz it involves my life
In applied for this mid of last year I think
Don't really prepare for this
But I'm going to do my best anyway
Winner never Quit...

Second event...
As I expected
I really want to put this at the top of the list
Ok, this is it
I plan to go... Honestly...
I even ask my mum for permission... And was allowed...
At first I cannot go because I have to work
But now, I really cannot go because I need to sit for the exam
SuJu Hwaiting~
Good Luck For SuShow @ Manila

Third event...
The special one
I planned to attend this event since last January
This is the first Bangsawan play by TTS
And the even this time is quite special
Sorry guys... Really can't make it

Fourth event...
This one is also quite special
She's my cousin
A close one
Will wish her first thing in the morning

The final event...
But doesn't mean it is less important
Again... Sorry for not helping
Really can't escape the exam thing...
I'll be there tomorrow.
It's a promise
(Macam la diorg baca blog ku ini... Lol~)

Ok... Got to sleep now
Tomorrow is going to be a very long day
Almost 7 hours of exam... *Sigh
Good Nite... Or Good Morning Everyone...
Sleep tight...
May you have the sweetest dream tonite

P/S: My Hae already have tweeter. Maybe I should join too???


Dear God,
Give me all my luck for tomorrow
As I need them the most...
Really do


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2010... Till now... What A Year...

Salam and Peace to All...

Let's just say that I'm a very greedy person
Or an over sensitive person
I really don't care anymore

It is the year of Tiger in chinese calendar
I was born in 1986... I'm a Tiger
I heard this a lot
"It's the year of Tiger... You're going to get lucky"
And I'm tired of believing it
(Jgn salah faham k... It's not something wrong to dream)

I really hope this year, 2010, is a lucky year for me
But seems like it's not
Ok... I know some good things did happen
But all the depressing things took those happiness away

Let's forget about the simple things
(Those yg people told me "benda2 remeh")
Sorry that I'm such a sensitive person
But I do care about those stuff
Let's talk about more complicated thing

I've been really down lately...
(Bukan lately kot... Mcm dah mmg xde soul dari awal thn lg)
Don't have to bring up the 'so yesterday' news right
So, I'm just going to talk about the recent one

It's been bothering me a lot
Feels like the world had turn his back on me
It's a test given by the Al-Mighty
(Sedar... Allah takkan uji hambaNya dgn ujian yg tak mampu dihadapi)
Always keep that in mind... As a reminder
Coz I'm not that strong you know
I'm easily influenced by others
I'm scared that I will blame Him one day
The enemies never give up to drag you away from the right path... Right?
(Alhamdulillah... Dia masih kuatkan Iman n hati aku)

There's this one person
A close but not so close one
I owe that person a lot... Not financially
(Take note of that ok... NOT FINANCIALLY)
Let's just say that person help me a lot when I was in need

Call me Miss Over Sensitive
I was really hurt by his words lately
I know that it's all just some jokes
They always been interesting jokes for him

Hey... People might think that we're close
But the truth is that we are NOT
You don't know me that well to joke around me like that
Does it ever come across your thought that I...
Yes, ME, might get hurt and humiliated by your jokes
There are things that you shouldn't use as your jokes

I was really hurt
Both my heart and my pride
Honestly, if I'm not this desperate...
(Yup, now I consider myself DESPERATE)
I would love to end this
If this ends... I think we'll get back to normal

I really wish that I can talk about this to someone
But I guess... I have NO ONE???
Figure that out years ago
Glad I decided not to close down this blog
Well, I mentioned this before
I really don't care that nobody reads my blog
I just assume that I'm pouring my heart out to the lappy... Lol~

You know what... Don't be judgemental
Never be one.
Especially towards someone you don't really know
You might think you know them enough
But people do keep secrets from others
There are things that we just can't talk about

You might envy people that always smile and cheerful
Always inspire and support other people
Seems like they don't have any problem at all
But you'll never know
Maybe deep down inside, they're hurting...
Hurting more than you can ever think off
It's just that they don't want to be a burden to other people
They thought...
"Other people has bigger problem than mine... Mine is actually nothing"

Keeping those dark and bloody feelings to themselves...
I really think that  although their problem is not as big as yours
They are hurting more
At least you can talk to them... They don't mind
But they don't have that privillage...

Think people... Think...
I know I used to say we need to be selfish to survive this life
But be selfish and never hurt others
At least try not to hurt others...

Enough said...
I'm off.


Dear God,
Help me... Please... Right now I'm begging you.
Give me a piece of your love
And a piece of your luck
Not that I'm complaining...
I'm just hurting so much... I really can't stand it anymore.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Birthday

Salam and Peace to All...

Ok, I'm late. I know that
This is supposed to be posted yesterday
But still... I wanna post it.

Saengil Chukkae Lee Hyuk Jae~

May God bless you
Please be happy and remember...
ELFs will always be with you

I remember reading a post by my friend in FB yesterday
They actually went to celebrate our beloved Hyuk Jae a.k.a. Eunhyuk's birthday
Complete with a cake... And karaoke session of SJ songs
So, I guess, I'm not as fanatic as they are
(But I don't mind doing that if I have friends like that... lol~)

Next is...

Happy Birthday

Wow... time sure goes by at a fast rate these days
We're going to be 24 this year

(Can't wait for December to arrive... Hahaha...)


Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to my dear friends
Happy Birthday to You


Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool or April Fools...

Salam and Peace to All...

It's 1st of April
After a year, the day to prank others arrive once again
Not that I prank anyone today
But would love to do that again.

I remember my school days
April Fool is a fun day
Especially since my friends are not that cruel
Just  some simple pranks that would make your day

Right now, I'm in my office
As usually, feeling a bit bored
I do have lots to do
But I just feel bored
Wonder why~

I remember all the pranks that I've been through
They are all just words
Might hurt someone but now, I guess, I'm fine with them
In fact, I missed those moments
Some people might not remember coz they are just a plain prank
But when the time comes, you'll remember

Today, 1st April 2010
I really miss my friends
Especially from my secondary school
5 years together...
It's a treasure
Cannot be compared
Every single of them bring a single meaning in my life
My life would never be the same without you guys...
You made me who I am
And I'm not going to regret that...


One day, we might turn back and laugh at this day
This moment...

I'm out~


Live life as there is no tomorrow
Treasure what you have
You never know when you'll lose them