Monday, March 29, 2010


Salam and Peace to All...

Well, there's nothing to say.
Just feels like it's been a long time.
I used to love updating my blog.
But now, I prefer reading someone else's blog.

Today is the 30th of March
Although it is late...

Sheng Ri Kuai Le
My dear Sis

It's weird that we didn't celebrate it together this year
But that's what happen when u're married
You have another family
But know this...
No matter where you are
We'll always pray that you get the best of everything
For your health and for you comfort...

Oh ya... We're moving...
By we, I mean our company
All of the bosses are extremely busy these days
It's hard to see them in the office
Always visiting the new office to supervise the renovation and everything
It's going to be fun
I'll get to sit with the others in the new office
No longer isolated
Haha... (Not that i really care)

Ok, one bad thing about this whole moving office matter
I need to work on 3 Saturdays this month
It is on the 3rd, 10th and 24th of March
The bad thing is not about working on Saturday
It is all about having to break my promise
(Really hate that... T_T)

I'm truly very sorry.
I wish I can do something about this
But I can't go back and watch BTHJ
The very first...

Bangsawan Tuah Hang Jebat

I was really looking forward to it
And it is so disappointing to know that I can't
Stage it well...
Although it is the first time for TTS staging this kind of play
I believe that you guys can do it
You guys were born for this
Give you any task and you'll complete them

TTSians, Good Luck

It is almost 2 weeks since I went to SJ Super Show
They really have a way to make people crazy
(In a good way... I mean it)
I've been watching Fan Vids
Reading Fan Accounts
And viewing pictures of the concert...
I can be crazier that this
(I had been in that stage last week)
But let's not talk about it...
(Malu2~ Control2~)

Super Junior, I Miss You

I'm now struggling hard
Saving money for the best event in my life
Keep that as a secret for now
When the time comes, I'll write about it


REGRET is never a GOOD word

- anonymous -


Monday, March 22, 2010

The Best Night Ever... SUPER JUNIOR SUPER SHOW II 100320

Salam and Peace to all...

20th March 2010
1900 hrs
Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil

Well, this is the first time I went to a concert
(Concert Jom Heboh pun x penah gi tau.. Siyes!!!)
Ok... First time for me and my new friend Is
Knew her through FB
ELF united.. lol~

Since it was our 1st time
We don't really know if we should be there early in the morning
(which we should... lesson learnt)
Or in the afternoon or exactly before the entrance door is open
We arrive around 4pm and there's like billion of ELFs there.
It's the Sapphire Blue Ocean outside of the stadium

Standing for hours outside the stadium seems to be fine
But once I entered the stadium and standing in the Rockpitt area
(I'm in Rockpitt A)
I was like "Where the heck are they... Can't wait to see them"
All the patience gone just like that
I was lucky enough to get my camera pass the security *wink2
But not lucky enough to have my battery last till the end of the show *damn!!

Well, it's not everything that happened that night
Those who were there would know
So, I just right what I remember
(I remember lots of things but can't seem to put them into words)

- this is not about SuJu... when Iqwal come out after Thomas n Jack (for the opening act), me and the other ELFs around me was like... "Who is that guy?", "What is he doing here?" and bla... bla... bla... (Sorry Iqwal, we all tak baca newspaper, so x knal u)

- there are like lots of fan services that they gave to the ELFs expecially when SiWon lift up his shirt, everyone was like *fainting and *nosebleeding all around the stadium... Lol~

- My Hae is so cute yet so macho when he dance especially during his solo with Eunhyuk and during the Dance Battle *droll~

- ShinDong is so cute during Puff The Magic Dragon... My Hae is so cute (again) when he and E.Teuk tried to catch HeeChul with all the tricks... haish... really cute one =D

- SungMin is so sporting especially when he asked for the mini-torch from the ELFs and wore it just like us. Then after the got packet of mini-torch from other ELF, he wore in on every fingers at his left hand and then started throwing away the mini-torch.. I managed to catch one. (Still cannot believe how I managed to catch something so small yet I cannot catch the towel My Hae threw at us... *sigh)

- HeeChul is so obsessed with the windmill that he got from the ELF and start playing with it. When it broke down, again he was so obsessed fixing it, he didn't care about the other boys dancing and singing. Haha... he really has a thing for cute stuff...

- Kyuhyun is so cool whe he also wore the mini-torch during Shining Star... He sings so well it struck straight to everyone's heart... I was worried when the other ELFs start throwing mini-torch to him. Luckily not a single mini-torch hit him.. =D

- I'm so touched and almost cried (I managed to stop it, I don't usually cry in front of others :P ) when E.Teuk and My Hae cried during Shining Star... I can't turn my eyes away from My Hae when I saw his eyes filled with tears... He looks so sincere...

- Yesung... He seems to be sick throughout the concert. Yup.. I remember hearing some fans mentioning about that. But he still give us a lot that night. If we're not a very concern ELFs, we will think that there's nothing wrong with him. Kamsahamnida Oppa~ Oh, ya... love his smile and his small eyes... =P

- Henry is so fantastic when he played his violin. OMG!!! How did he managed to play the violin, dance and giving fan service at the same time... Yet everything was so PERFECT!!! I adore that a lot. During Don't Don, his sudden appearance made me... WOW!!!

- Zhou Mi... Am I blind or I really don't see him much on stage. (Tak puas tengok die). I thought he didn't come. Haha... And I like his expression when SiWon pour water to his back... Cute... SiWon... Don't do that la... Zhou Mi was trying to act macho there...

- E.Teuk is a great leader and always be. I was shocked by the news that he's having fever (Ok, out of topic). He's flawless... I just love his shyness during his solo performance. Remember.. He's blushing when the dancer do the sexy moves to him. And I was like "Don't kiss him!!!" when they were about to kiss (Luckily they don't)

- SiWon is as mentioned, the living work of art. I think his fans will always remember him, wearing the white suite n still showing his abs. Huhu... *melting~ And if HeeChul was obsessed with his windmill, SiWon is obsessed with his Korea flag. I think one of the ELF gave it to him b'coz i didn't see him with that flag before that. He even wore it like a Superman.. Ya... Hwaiting SuperSiWon!!!!

- Eunhyuk and his magical dance moves. He looks like a kid but when he dance... Made me speechless... He transformed. No wonder the others said that he is the best dancer in SuJu... (Don't worry My Hae, you are the number one dancer in my HEART)

- DongHae... My Hae... What can I write about him. Everything is beyond wordings. I cannot put all that into words. Haha... Although it is late. I think you'll know that you're reading DongHae's fanatic fan's blog. So, being bias is out of questions... =P Yaa.... I remember one thing. I never thought I can see My Hae back flip live in front of my eyes... But he did it. *fainting... *droll... *nosebleeding...

Haha... Pervert la you
(I'm saying this to myself ok)
Everything was PERFECT that night
It will be better if KiBum, HanKyul and KangIn was there too...


Fallen Angel LeeTeuk
Dangerous Cinderella HeeChul
Bubble Boy Yesung
Cutie Pie ShinDong
Ultimate Cuteness SungMin
Bejewelled Eunhyuk
*LOVE* Sexy Fishy DongHae *LOVE*
Living Work of Art SiWon
Loveable Blurness Ryeowook
Hottest Baby Kyuhyun
Henry & Zhou Mi

Sorry I didn't write in Korean. Don't have that software...
I'm blogging using my office lappy...
(so, understand why it is limited right)

And sorry for no photos.... Hasn't uploaded any of them yet
It's not that I don't have the time
I guess I used most of my time day-dreaming about them

Any ELFs out there.. Please share DongHae's photos with me
Since my battery died (Hate that battery so much T_T)
I don't have photos of My Hae that much..
And I want photos of the others too... :D

ELFS... Let's share the LOVE
Hope SUPER JUNIOR will be back for SS3


SJ + ELF = 1


Friday, March 12, 2010

Now I Know...

Salam and Peace to All...

I had involved with two of my company's events
And our activities are really interesting
(Our activities usually involve $$$ CASH $$$)
I always got small amount only...
And previously I thought...
So sad le...

Last night the thought comes across my mind
About why I don't have my luck with money
I mean during my company's event la...

Now I know...
I think the Al-Mighty decided my unlucky fate because
I won the money
I won't share it with the others
It's my nature...


As the others that won the money during the event
They usually spend the money to buy breakfast or lunch for us...
So nice of them isn't it...

(Org tua2 slalu cakap... Org tamak slalu rugi)
Maybe someday, when I change...
I'll get better luck with money


Everything Happen For A Good Reason


Thursday, March 4, 2010

And You Called Yourself A Friend...

Salam and Peace to All...

It's just confusing how people admit that they are our friend
But they don't understand us at all
I thought friends are suppose to be...
Understanding, Caring, Considerate
But most of them appear to be opposite

When you admit that you are my friend
Especially when you said you are a good friend of mine
I expect you to understand me in and out
Without any need of me to word it out to you

When I'm in silence,
Know that I need my time alone
When I told you I'm down, 
Know that I need you to be there for me

I thought good friends are suppose to know all that
After all, that's the difference between you and the others
But you just appear to be the same

And I thought a friend accept you for who you are
Regardless of your strength and weakness
You're supposed to be free
To be yourself, just yourself...

But with you
There's always something about me to be changed
I'm not PERFECT and that's a FACT
How about accepting me for who I am?
Or just go and find yourself someone to be your ideal good friend

But when it's you we're talking about
I have to be understanding
I have to care
I have to be more considerate
Seems like you think that you're the only person in this world
That has a HEART

Enough already...
I'm tired of that
So don't expect me to be all nice to you
As I'm walking forward and leaving you behind
There's no place for friends with benefits
Call me selfish... I'm okay with that.


The friend is a person who knows all about you,
And still likes you

- Elbert Hubbard, The Notebook, 1927 -