Monday, July 23, 2012

Fasting Month: Ramadhan

Salam and Peace to All

It's few days late

Salam Ramadhan

to everyone.
Have a nice day

**Fasting month in Seoul, during summer...
Tell me about it. ㅠㅠ"

Monday, July 16, 2012

Rearrangement Plan: Step #1

Salam & Peace to All

Going back in 1 month
I want to rearrange my life
I'm so messed up

Step #1
Remember what I have to remember
Forget the unnecessary

Considering whether I should rearrange my contacts
I mean the so called friends
Keeping and deleting
Its like updating my FRIENDS DATABASE

Okay... Decided
Should start with that

1. Handphone contacts
2. Email lists
3. Facebook friends


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow...

Salam and Peace to All...

Failed to update daily and weekly. 
Although there are lots waiting to be written down n shared
정말 미안해...

I'm living my dream... One of them.
In this journey, I met new people.
Thank God for the chance to meet them

The time to go back to reality is approaching
I can't remember exactly what I was thinking
Or what makes me think of that
I remember talking to a friend of mine on my way back home
That night before I went to bed, I started thinking...

All this while I work so hard to get what I want
Which is good...
But I've been depending too much on my instincts
And my luck...
I'm not that young anymore
I wonder if I can start making decision without simply using my instincts n luck.

I remember when I decided to come here
It's extremely hard to get approval from mom
At that time, I instead of convincing her nicely
I just told her...
"Please let me go. If anything wrong, it will be my bad decision. No regrets"

Now, few months later...
Of course there's nothing wrong and no regrets
But I start wondering what if something goes wrong
I leave everything back home to come here
No proper plan
Totally instinct and luck

I'm going back in 1 month time
No proper plan
But I think this time I should have one
At this age, I should stop depending on instinct and luck

Yesterday is HISTORY
Today is a GIFT
Tomorrow is a MYSTERY

Being appreciated by people doesn't promise you anything
You might feel good now
But that is no guarantee that you'll be satisfied with it all your life
If no regrets then it is fine
But what if there are regrets
And by the time you realize, 
It is far too late...

Hands off~