Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The 3rd Week

Salam and Peace to all...

Still writing about my past few weeks
Which to be specific, about my holiday
The 3rd week

I consider it started from Sunday, 7th of December
My 2nd cousin got married on 6th of December
And me and my family went for his wedding ceremony the next day
The wedding was being held at some homestay
I forgot the name

It feels good to be able to go back to Alor Star
It's been a while... Haha...
Photos from the wedding are great
But they will be added later... Sorry 'bout that
Well... Most of the days in this week, I went back to UTP
Yup... The beloved Uni (Really???)
LOL... Well, we have to work for the Theater / Play
Remeber, I wrote about it in the previous post
The one with the title "KERUSI"

I've been spending time with the others preparing for the play
Which took the whole week... Even till the last nite of the show...
Seems like I'll be writing about the play for this post
We gathered one day after Aidiladha

First meeting, 9th of December at nite
Well, the crews didn't have much to do at first
But the load of works began to appear as day passes by
The hardest part... Finding durian when it is not the season
Damn hard...
We ended up doing a mock one using coconut and papers
The "durian" was also good... It was not that bad

The show...
I can't really tell coz I've been working backstage
But we got some encouraging comments
It's been a very interesting experience
And I'm glad I didn't quit from the team
Again, the photos will be added later...


when memories are forgotten
nothing new will become a lesson

- unknown -


Sunday, December 28, 2008

The 2nd Week

Salam and Peace to all...

Well... The 2nd week of my holiday...
What about it???
Still quite interesting.
And still spending in Putrajaya.
Or to be specific, at my sis' house.

That time around, I'm not alone.
My sis' boy took his bro n sisters along.
Most of the time, I do have companies.
Since they came along,
I just have to forget the skating plan with my friend, Jeremy.
Now I really hope that I didn't cancelled the plan.
Hmmm... *Sigh*

For that week... Not so many hang out plans
Except for going to Alamanda (lots of time)
And also to The Mines
Then the best time arrived.
The best... going to Istana Budaya, of course.
On 3rd of December, we went to watch...


Raja Azura as Dewi Bencana
Huraimi Hilman as Sinbad
Ummu Najian as Titi
and other cute casts...

With only 1 adult n others are children.
The show went well.
It's shocking how a group of young talents can attract you.
And for Kak Engku
There's no doubt with her ability as a performer
She's the best...
Kak Engku... I Love You

Enough about the play
Hmm... Other interesting stuff I've been doing
Or should I say, we've been doing during the 2nd week
We play some games...
And we went around Putrajaya to take some photos
Can be considered as for memories to be kept

It's not that bad.
Still, I do enjoy the period
And that's all for now
The photos will be added later.
Got some problem with that rite now


To have the taste of victories
One have to climb the ladder of success

- unknown -


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The 1st Week

Salam... and Peace for All

The semester break started exactly
After I'm done with my final year paper
Which is... on 22nd November 2008
What I got for all the hard works...
I got to watch...

with my cousin, my sis n her boy
It's a great show
Love the musics, the dances and of course
Their acting for that nite
The only thing that went wrong that nite is...
We got bad seats, at the left island
So, there're some scenes that can't be seen clearly
And for the autograph session
It's the worst
From my point of view... Of course
It was the last nite for the show
I understand if the performers were tired
But there's no reason for not being friendly at the autograph session
Guys, at least show some mercy to your fans

Well... It's over
But I'm glad I went to the show
It was a whole new experience
It's a modern play
From the perspective of the youngsters
There're always rooms for improvement
Maybe if they wanna do it again
It will be better than this one

I guess that's all
These are some photos from the nite...


Whatever happen in life,

They always come with the price...

- Unknown -